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Did You Know?


  1. Washing your car with household detergents or dishwashing liquid. The harsh chemicals in regular soap are what can give the clear coat on your car that "peeling sunburn" look that only a mother could love

  2. Talking your car through gas station car wash. Maybe they're quick, but these machines can damage your wipers, take off your antenna and scratch your wheels just as quickly!

  3. Not washing your car often enough: the longer you wait between washes, the more time you're giving that tree sap, bird dropping or bug residue to etch its way into your paint.

  4. Using a household glass cleaner: believe it or not, the powerful ammonia will crack your weather stripping and peel up that beautiful tint you have going on. Dare to be ammonia free!

  5. Using a beach towel to dry your car: beach towels are not as soft as they look and will leave tiny scratches in the surface of your paint. Do yoursekf a favor and invest in a microfiber towel.

Want some more Fun Facts? Click on the infographics below:

infograpfic-gc.png  infograpfic-ic.png  infographic-wc.png infographic-tire-shine.png