Paradise Road™ Interior Cleaner

Size: 18oz.
Price: $8.49

Nothing takes a beating like your car’s interior. Kids, pets, lunch on the road or just everyday use getting from Point A to Point B sure take their toll on every surface. The only thing worse than riding around in a dirty car is taking the time and effort to clean it up. You’d think you could find a solution on the store shelf, but then you see some companies have “cleaners,” others “protectants,” and others names so strange even WE don’t know what they mean.

So we decided to make it easy: With Paradise Road Interior Cleaner & Protectant, you get ONE SINGLE BOTTLE that works great on every interior surface – fabric, vinyl, leather, carpet, plastic and more. And the best part, it takes only minutes to give your interior a brand-new look and leave a fresh clean scent, while adding powerful UV protection that prevents damage and fading.


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I drive an older vehicle and while I'm fastidious about cleanliness in my car, it does tend to accumulate a lot of dust on the dashboard, shifter, etc. Paradise Road interior cleaner cleaned up the dust and grime and left the surfaces looking crisp and clean. I'd definitely recommend this product over competing products (e.g., Armor All). – Amy Seattle, WA


100% Money Back Guarantee

(1) Shake.

(2) Mist on.  Spray directly on materials.  Do not saturate cloth upholstery.

(3) Wipe dry.

(4) For very stubborn stains, repeat and let Paradise Road Interior Cleaner work for a few minutes before wiping dry.

It is best to clean the interior of your car each time you wash the exterior, every couple of weeks. However, Paradise Road Interior Cleaner can be used as often as you would like without leaving behind any film or build up.

Paradise Road Interior Cleaner also works great on all interior surfaces around the house – couches, rugs and more!