Paradise Road™ Tire Shine

Size: 18oz.
Price: $9.99

Everyone wants their tires to look like they’re brand new – but absolutely no one wants the greasy mess from all those products that sling all over the side of their car and attract every dust bunny in the neighborhood. That’s why we created Paradise Road Tire Shine. No more greasy mess, no more dust bunnies, just an amazing factory deep black, New Tire Shine that lasts for weeks and even protects your tires from damaging UV rays.


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This stuff works great! It keeps the tires looking black for weeks. And, it gives just enough shine to the tire for that subtle classic finish. Richard Los Angeles, CA



100% Money Back Guarantee

(1) Shake Before Use.  For best results, clean tire first with Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner.

(2) Spray product directly on tire or applicator.

(3) Allow to dry before driving car.  Warning: Do not use on motorcycle tires, seating surfaces, pedals or any surfaces that would be hazardous if slippery.

Paradise Road Tire Shine should be applied at least every 6 weeks in order to maintain that new tire shine.  Be sure to clean your tires first with Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner before applying Tire Shine

For best results with Paradise Road Tire Shine, first use Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner.  Cleaning the tires first gives Paradise Road Tire Shine the ability to create a stronger bond to the tires and offers a longer lasting shine. 

Plus, Paradise Road Tire Shine isn't just for tires - it also works great on vinyl and rubber trim; and its powerful UV protection adds years to their life.