Paradise Road™ Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Size: 18oz.
Price: $8.49

Nothing on your car works harder than the tires and wheels. Every time you drive anywhere, what a tough dirty job they’ve got – road grime, brake dust, dirt, mud, you name it and your tires and wheels will find a way to collect it. So when it comes to cleaning them, economy-priced cleaners that use dangerously aggressive acids just won’t do. That’s why we made Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner, a value-priced, premium quality cleaner. Not only is it 100% safe on all tires and wheels, but it’s the closest you can get to automatic cleaning. Just spray on and hose off to make your tires and wheels look like new in seconds.


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I just wanted to write in and let you know that your tire and wheel cleaner is a great cleaner. It was a very easy product to use and cleaned my wheels to like-new after months of build up and dirt.  Keep up the good work. Alan Lancaster, PA


100% Money Back Guarantee

(1) Allow tire and wheel to cool to the touch.

(2) Shake before use.

(3) Spray over tire and wheel until fully coated.  Wait a few minutes.

(4) Rinse with hose or pressure washer.

(5) For very stubborn stains, repeat.

Be sure to use Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner once a month to maintain clean wheels and minimize build up. This will allow for a quick cleaning each time.

After you clean your tires and wheels with Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner, give your tires that factory-new look with Paradise Road Tire Shine.

Plus, Paradise Road Tire & Wheel Cleaner isn’t just for wheels and tires – it also works great under the hood and is a safer alternative to standard brake cleaners.