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Save the clearcoat


We’re On A Mission - A Mission To Save The Clearcoat!

It’s not like a mission to save the whales, although we do like whales and certainly want them to be saved, too. Our mission is to save something a bit closer to home, your car’s clearcoat.

So what exactly is clearcoat and why should you care?

It’s actually clear paint that’s exactly like any other paint, except it doesn’t contain any color. So think of clearcoat as the skin on your car, the clear protective layer that gives your car’s paint its shine. Without clearcoat, your car’s paint would be dull and quickly fade when exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays.

screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-3.13.31-pm.png  screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-3.13.40-pm.png

It’s easy to spot the effects of clearcoat damage – just look around next time you’re driving through a parking lot. You’ll start spotting cars everywhere with HCPD; that’s the technical term for what looks like the skin of the car peeling off like a sunburn.  The difference is that our skin can grow back, but the car’s skin is gone forever.

What causes HCPD and what can we do to prevent it?

Well, the cause is right in the name. HCPD means Household Cleaner Paint Damage, and over 60 million people in the U.S. use household cleaners to wash and clean their cars. Using dishwashing liquid and other household cleaners on your car’s paint causes permanent, costly and irreversible damage.  



Why are household cleaners so bad for your car when they seem to work just fine on your dishes? The reason is that dishwashing liquid is formulated to effectively remove 4-day-old baked-on spaghetti from a dinner plate left in the sink. Problem is that when you use it on your car, it will eat right through your car’s clearcoat “skin.” 

And the damage from using household cleaners on your car definitely isn’t limited to just the clearcoat on the exterior surface. Powdered and liquid all-purpose cleaners shorten the life of just about every surface on your car, inside and out.

How can you help in our Save The Clearcoat campaign?

  • First tell everyone you know to leave their household cleaners in the house.

  • Next, try some of our Paradise Road Car Care Products. They’re all totally, 100% safe for your car. 

  • And finally, if you feel strongly about whales, redwoods, tree snipes, or any other worthy cause, please make a donation – we all have to fight for the things we believe are worth saving.


Paradise Road… Saving The Clearcoat one car at a time!